Please excuse the minimal appearance of the site right now. I spent all of my time working on the firmware.
v1.0 - Initial Release
Zip File
Release Date: 2023-05-05
Size: 7.29 MB

SR-Control Feature Overview

Supported Devices
  • SR6
  • OSR2/OSR2+
  • Possibly Others
Supported Add-Ons
  • Pitcher Servo (OSR2+ Only)
  • Twist
  • Valve
  • Vibe (up to 4 channels)
  • Lube
  • Display
    • 128 x 64
    • 128 x 32
  • Sleeve Heater
  • Case Temp Sensor with Optional Fan Control
Supported Communication Protocols
  • WIFI - HTTP - For configuration web interface
  • WIFI - UDP - For device control
  • Serial - For Device Control and Serial Configuration Commands

The default settings in SR-Control v1.0 support the IN-Control v1.0 hat by IsaacNewtongue out of the box.
This allows for the simplest plug-and-play functionality if using the IN-Control hat.
I personally use the IN-Control board in my SR6 and I highly recommend investing in it if you don't want to fuss with manual wiring to the ESP32.

While I am happy to provide this firmware to the community for free, I have invested quite a lot of my time into this project... and I'm not done yet!
If you feel so inclined to donate to my efforts it is always appreciated! Thank you!